36 Passenger Motor Coach

(We added a 45 passenger coach in 2020. Pictures coming soon.)

When you come to Alaska, the scenery is astounding. You need a vehicle that allows the best view possible. AK Superior Tours has chosen a true mid-sized touring coach.

We have features on the bus that are different from other operators with a similar bus size. Most importantly the view from this motor coach is awesome. Overhead racks, a lavatory and leg room are mandatory for the best travel experience possible on the Alaskan roads. We have it all covered.


36 Comfortable Reclining Seats with Lots of Leg Room, Overhead Parcel Compartments, and a Restroom


Smooth and comfortable ride in a climate controlled environment


"Smart Charge" USB outlets above each seat pair to power your devices.

Low steps make it easier to get in and out.


AK Superior Tours, LLC also partners with other small companies. At times we lease other equipment to meet our customer needs.