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Meet Alan

I love showing people around Alaska. I love the sites sounds and animals as much as all the visitors who ride with me. While narrating a tour, I'm often awestruck by what I see and all that comes out is "Wow!" It doesn't matter how often I drive the same highway because there is always something new to experience. Come join me and you will say "wow!" too.


I was born and raised in the Iowa. Each summer my family would road trip to somewhere in the US so I have visited almost every state. Alaska is obviously one of my favorite places of all.

I have degrees in elementary education, special education and school counseling. My first international trip was to Liberia in West Africa to visit friends serving in Peace Corps. This led to spending two semesters abroad in Kenya.


After graduation with my bachelor's degree, I joined the Peace Corps. I lived two years in a hut in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho in Southern Africa while working with 7 primary schools. Peace Corps gave me a travel bug that eventually led me to learning to drive a bus and spending every moment of every summer in Alaska.

My current full time occupation is as an elementary school counselor. 2011-2014 I spent living and working on the "edge of tomorrow" next to the Chukchi and Bering Seas. I was an itinerant school counselor to fly-in-only villages of Shishmaref, Brevig Mission, Wales, and Little Diomede.


The years in remote Alaska broadened my understanding of life off of the road system. I want AK Superior Tours to be successful so that one day I can use its success to support various needs of the people living in remote places around Alaska.

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